Bash Boggle - A Boggle Solver Written in Bash!

Bash is my favorite computer language. I also love writing programs to help human problems. Inspired by this online Boggle solver, I decided to write my own solver while my friends were too busy playing the game and having fun :) If you would like to test my work, here is the code: You will need the linux “words” dictionary, which is installable on Ubuntu by running “sudo apt-get install wamerican”

Verizon FiOS Wireless Security Analysis

Take a look at some wireless keys that I’ve collected from some Verizon FiOS installs around Tampa: 00-18-01-EA-3D-99,E3X12,6,WEP,1801349FCA 00-18-01-F0-6D-C4,NAMX2,1,WEP,18014B311F 00-18-01-F0-95-78,MWXV2,11,WEP,180149FF66 00-18-01-FD-4F-0E,R0LC7,1,WEP,1801BC5C6B 00-18-01-FE-15-46,JE2K7,1,WEP,1801C1B02B 00-18-01-FF-DF-DD,HH150,1,WEP,1F900396C5 00-1F-90-E0-B1-F8,3RA18,6,WEP,1801CDF4AF 00-1F-90-E0-B5-AC,OQ838,6,WEP,1801CF5700 00-1F-90-E2-7E-61,7WY20,6,WEP,1F90021D27 00-1F-90-E3-1E-90,C7WA0,6,WEP,1F9007C188 00-1F-90-E3-2E-07,DJP80,6,WEP,1F90063349 00-1F-90-E6-A7-D5,BJ2Z0,11,WEP,1F9018F797 00-1F-90-E6-D4-E3,RSHZ0,4,WEP,1F901944DB What you are looking at here is MAC, SSID, Channel, Encryption, Key. Notice that they are all WEP, 64bit, with 5 Alpha numeric SSID’s. I want to emphasize that these are the defaults, and only geeks, nerds and the like change the defaults.

Custom Arp Alerts II!

So I’ve found a better way to do what I did in the previous post. Instead of running a separate script to parse the arp alert logs, I have arp alert itself send the alerts! The key is this line in the arpalert.conf action on detect = "/etc/scripts/arp-alert" Its so simple, it just runs that script sending the information about the alert as certain arguments. With this I have more control over the formatting of arpalert messages:

Custom Arp-Alerts

So I was looking around, and I wanted some sort of tool to allow me to be more aware about what was happening in the lower “bowels” of the network that I’m on with my laptop. So what is it that I want… What I really want is some sort of mac-address based buddy list. One that would show my a list of the mac addresses talking on my network, and allow me to alias them.

DNS Cache Poisoning

Recently a DNS expert found a flaw in the way that DNS servers talk to other DNS servers to get records that allows interested parties (hackers) to insert their own records. If you need a primer: the Wikipedia link. Well… a DNS flaw is no fun without a tool to use it. So this guy “HD Moore” wrote a program (script) that takes advantage of this and makes it relatively easy for someone to use something called Metasploit to tinker with it.