VNC Surpirse!

Don’t you just love it when co-workers communicate with you in the most interesting ways??? Sorry it is so small. Click on it!

New/Old Laptop: Ubuntu Montage

You may remember my old laptop from such posts as this. Well it broke, so I bought another one! It even has the original stickers. But.. Its slower than I remember. So I’m trying out different Ubuntu versions to see what boots the fastest. Here are my methodology and results. Methodology: The first number is the ammount of seconds from the 0 in the grub countdown till the X in the initial X-server.

Its a Wiki-Wiki-World

You may not know, but I used to work for Wikipedia! (here if you don’t believe me) You also may not know that all Wikimedia Foundation projects (like Wikipedia) run off of a opensource piece of software called Mediawiki. The software is the bomb, and I’ve had my own for a number of years to keep track of my own project documentation (like a notebook.) But I’ve never made it public.

n2n - Peer to peer VPN?

Most vpns… in fact… all of them, are based on a client/server model. This means that all vpn clients call home to one vpn server and connect. All traffic goes through that vpn server and then gets passed on to its original destination. But what if you could have the benefits of VPN, but be able to communicate directly to other VPN peers, so without the latency and bandwidth limitations?

Ettercap’s Author’s Birthday!

Today is the Birthday of AloR, the author of the amazing tool, ettercap. You can see that because it is his birthday, he asks that you email him. I happily obliged. Ettercap is an amazing tool. Not only does it have a console, curses, and graphical versions, it can be scripted, hacked, used with plugins, and the list goes on. Here is a screen shot of it in progress:

Operation LAN Party: Success

On Saturday we celebrated a my belated birthday by having a LAN party at my work Sago Networks. Games we played: Gate 88 Halo Open Arena Nexuiz

PAP Solutions Hack

My girlfirend likes to do these puzzles called Pic-A-Pix from ConceptisPuzzles. They use a matrix of numbers to hint the puzzler to to filling in pixels to create pixel art. Sometimes there is color. Every week four new PAP’s are pushed out, and I’ve been told that the answers are somewhere on the website…. but that would be cheating. :) So I wrote my own program to decode these and make images using html tables.

DNS Training At Sago

This past Tuesday I hosted a DNS training seminar for all the employees at Sago. It went over great! The curriculum involved: The difference between Caching and Authoritative DNS All the different types of DNS Records How to use dig and how to interpret it How to troubleshoot dns problems Secret DNS Tricks! I recorded the AUDIO (sorry the audio sucks) and the BASH history for those poor souls who want to listen to me drone on for an hour about dns….

Custom Arp Alerts II!

So I’ve found a better way to do what I did in the previous post. Instead of running a separate script to parse the arp alert logs, I have arp alert itself send the alerts! The key is this line in the arpalert.conf action on detect = "/etc/scripts/arp-alert" Its so simple, it just runs that script sending the information about the alert as certain arguments. With this I have more control over the formatting of arpalert messages:

Custom Arp-Alerts

So I was looking around, and I wanted some sort of tool to allow me to be more aware about what was happening in the lower “bowels” of the network that I’m on with my laptop. So what is it that I want… What I really want is some sort of mac-address based buddy list. One that would show my a list of the mac addresses talking on my network, and allow me to alias them.