Final Clock Post

I’ve finally moved to Colorado, and I had to leave the big clock behind, and luckily I had finished it: I finilized the code, installed the clock in my church, and programmed it for there needs. The code is stored here if someone want to see it. If you want to check it out run: git clone I have a little more technical info on my wiki, but it basically goes like this:

Giving My WRT54GL a 2G Drive

The WRT54GL is a pretty cool little toy. Yes it is a router with a cheezy web interface for grandmas with ESSID’s named “linksys”. But you can flash it with your own linux and solder in your own SD card to turn it from a 4MB machine to a 2GB machine… far out! Above it the bare board that I’ve unscrewed out of the thing. Some solder + a card….