Discrete Wavelets Final Project - Decaptcha,

This semester I took a class on Discrete Wavelets. It was awesome. The coolest part was our group final project. My group had the best topic by far: Decoding a Captcha! (Click on any of the following images to view them full size) [](/uploads/file_captcha.jpg) We’ve all seen Captchas before. They are used on websites to make sure that the person on the website is a real human, not a computer program.

Boom-Boom Classes?

I was talking with my girlfriend recently, and I told her that her “RA Class” (RA is short for resident assistant, someone who lives on campus to assist other residents) is a “Boom Boom” class. She is from Niceville and had never heard of the term. I knew it as a slang term for a low level class that required no effort, taken simply for credit. In an effort to locate some sort of source for my definition besides anecdotes of the people I knew, I was only able to find other personal references (myspace, facebook) coincidentally from people in Tampa.