Decoding Balanced Payments Puzzle 1

A strange string appeared at the bottom of a Balanced Payments blog post: NmQ2ZjYzMmU3Mzc0NmU2NTZkNzk2MTcwNjQ2NTYzNm U2MTZjNjE2MjQwNjU2MzZlNjU3MjY1NjY2NjY5NjQ2MTY1N mI2MTZkNmY3NDc0NmU2MTc3Njk= One of those puzzles to attract coders I guess. The guys at Hacker News¬†spilled the beans, so lets spill them some more. First though,** Mad Props** to the Balanced team for thinking “outside” the unit-test-box. Plus Jenkins rocks. The world needs more Jenkins.¬†Bash? I’m not a developer, so my first instinct was to use the existing set of tools that people have already written to solve this puzzle:

Solving “Role Playing 4”

Last month Games Magazine published their Online Contest 29 - Role Playing 4. Here is the puzzle: The circles represent actors, the diamonds represent movies they have been in. Pink is for actresses and blue is for actors. The numbers represent the numbers in their name: First, Last. Question marks indicate the number in their name is 3,4,6, or 9 letters. The center actress is what we are after. Note there are no clues for her name, but she has been in 13 movies.

Computer Assisted Jenga with the Wii Balance Board and Linux

I like to think about how games work, in the case of Jenga, it is just physics! But don’t you wish you could peel back reality and see what is happening with the physics from the inside? Well now you can, with the help of a Wii Balance Board. For the setup you need these ingredients: Wii Balance Board Computer with Bluetooth Linux, preferably Ubuntu Jenga Set, alternatively “Tension Tower“