Cool Things to Do After Installing OpenWrt

OpenWrt is the bomb. Think all the power of a full Linux distro on your tiny home router or plug computer. Install an External Root Overlay What the heck does that mean? OpenWrt uses an ingenious system were the root filesystem is a super compressed squashfs, merged with a read/write jffs2 filesystem called the overlay. This maximizes your available space on the device. Instead of using part of your remaining flash for read/write, you can use a larger, external device for the overlay.

Plug Computers!

Recently I gave a presentation on Plug Computers at the local NCLUG. Plug computers are inexpensive, small, and low power computers, about the size of a wall wart. They make great home servers, appropriate for file sharing, exporting media files for your devices (DLNA), making backups (backuppc), etc. If you would like to check out the slides for my presentation: Plug Computers Presentation If you would like to see my wiki notes on plug computers: http://wiki.