Getting Started With Sensu Using Puppet. For Real.

Nagios. So familiar. I feel like I’ve run Nagios at every job I have ever had. Talk to most ops people, even at really big places, and they will probably admit to using it. Puppet’s exported resources takes away some of the pain, but sometimes I think to myself, there must be a better way to do this. Sensu might be that better way. Let’s try it out, but gosh, I am SO lazy.

Configuring Nagios Like a Boss!

I’m tired of configuring Nagios by hand. Just tired. I always forget to do stuff. I’ll add a new host, or stick in a raid card, add a new website, whatever, and forget to add a nagios check for it. So it happened. You setup a server, put critical infrastructure on it, but forgot to monitor it. It goes down, bad stuff happens. Your boss asks, why weren’t we monitoring this?