Myspace Phishing Analysis

A couple of years ago, a large list of phished Myspace accounts was leaked on the internet. I stumpled upon them and ran a very simple analysis. Check it out: root@a:/# cat myspace.hackedlist | cut -f 2 -d : | sort | uniq -c | sort -n | tail -n 20 14 qwerty1 15 123456a 15 babygirl1 15 blink182 16 123456 16 123abc 16 iloveyou2 17 football1 17 nicole1 18 number1 19 password 23 myspace1 24 fuckyou1 28 iloveyou1 28 monkey1 29 fuckyou 54 abc123 74 password1 The file was in the form of “Username:password”, so the first part of that command “cuts” the second column, with the colon as the delimiter.

Myspace Friend Maps

Ok, I have a seceret: I am a Myspace sellout. Everyone around me was like ooh yea, check out my myspace! Or Ooo, your myspace is sooo cool. Or, Wow, your myspace cures cancer. Well, so I made one, and added friends. I soon realized that is interesting. (Although it sucks too. Ads everywhere, people’s pages are often littered with cpu sucking garbage and animated gifs and crappy css.)