New/Old Laptop: Ubuntu Montage

You may remember my old laptop from such posts as this. Well it broke, so I bought another one! It even has the original stickers. But.. Its slower than I remember. So I’m trying out different Ubuntu versions to see what boots the fastest. Here are my methodology and results. Methodology: The first number is the ammount of seconds from the 0 in the grub countdown till the X in the initial X-server.

Compact Flash Replacement

My laptop is a Sharp MM20, which I knew I was going to spraypaint eventually, I just needed a reason to. After about a year of wear and scratches from abuse, it was time. I’m replacing the harddrive in my laptop with a 4GB flash card. It should be faster: /dev/sdb: Timing cached reads: 3532 MB in 2.00 seconds = 1766.79 MB/sec Timing buffered disk reads: 58 MB in 3.10 seconds = 18.