Decrypting an eBook to make it Searchable

So I spent $22 on an ebook for school. It has this crappy DRM that only lets me view the pdf on one computer using only “Adobe Digital Editions”. If that wasn’t so bad, only a small subset of the text is OCR’d, so most of it isn’t even searchable! Now I’m pissed, but wait, what do you say? These files are just RSA encrypted, and I have the key?

Verizon FiOS Wireless Security Analysis

Take a look at some wireless keys that I’ve collected from some Verizon FiOS installs around Tampa: 00-18-01-EA-3D-99,E3X12,6,WEP,1801349FCA 00-18-01-F0-6D-C4,NAMX2,1,WEP,18014B311F 00-18-01-F0-95-78,MWXV2,11,WEP,180149FF66 00-18-01-FD-4F-0E,R0LC7,1,WEP,1801BC5C6B 00-18-01-FE-15-46,JE2K7,1,WEP,1801C1B02B 00-18-01-FF-DF-DD,HH150,1,WEP,1F900396C5 00-1F-90-E0-B1-F8,3RA18,6,WEP,1801CDF4AF 00-1F-90-E0-B5-AC,OQ838,6,WEP,1801CF5700 00-1F-90-E2-7E-61,7WY20,6,WEP,1F90021D27 00-1F-90-E3-1E-90,C7WA0,6,WEP,1F9007C188 00-1F-90-E3-2E-07,DJP80,6,WEP,1F90063349 00-1F-90-E6-A7-D5,BJ2Z0,11,WEP,1F9018F797 00-1F-90-E6-D4-E3,RSHZ0,4,WEP,1F901944DB What you are looking at here is MAC, SSID, Channel, Encryption, Key. Notice that they are all WEP, 64bit, with 5 Alpha numeric SSID’s. I want to emphasize that these are the defaults, and only geeks, nerds and the like change the defaults.

Giving My WRT54GL a 2G Drive

The WRT54GL is a pretty cool little toy. Yes it is a router with a cheezy web interface for grandmas with ESSID’s named “linksys”. But you can flash it with your own linux and solder in your own SD card to turn it from a 4MB machine to a 2GB machine… far out! Above it the bare board that I’ve unscrewed out of the thing. Some solder + a card….