XKCD’s Collatz Conjecture

In the XKCD comic dated 3/4/2010, the Collatz Conjecture presents the following scenario: Well I don’t know if your friends will stop calling your or not, but I was curious about what the graph would actually look like. The graph in the comic looks like it was created with Graphviz, one of my favorite programs! So I wrote a quick bash script to generate the approrpiate links for graphviz to interpret:

Automated Aftershock Playing Bot

This is a bot I wrote to play Aftershock games for me. Aftershock produces these 5 games that are all basically the same, but with different themes: Engines of War - 138071613 Undead Live - 175496321 Mark of Mafia - 833613775 Gunshock Racing - 124286853 Dragon Masters - 304299067 If you play any of these games, feel free to ally with me :) If aftershock bans me, no big deal :)