Validating Graphite Metrics With Bash!

At my dayjob I get to work with Graphite and power meters. It is cool: To make it easy for my clients to get power information, I’ve written a command line tool called “power” that they can run to get the power usage for a server when running their program. Here is an example: power METER-NAME sleep 10s Pretty handy. The “METER-NAME” is pretty important, as it lets the script know which system’s power you are interested in.

Graph EVERYTHING with Graphite!

I believe that a graphing tool should be flexible enough for the user to decide what metrics are important to their environment, and it should be able to accept metric data from any source. There are pretty good graphing tools out there for the Linux engineer: Munin, Ganglia, Cacti, Zabbix, Collectd, etc. I call these “graphing” tools, because I don’t consider them “monitoring” tools, like Nagios, WhatsUp, or Zabbix.