Saying Goodbye to Wordpress

It’s Been a Great Ride There is no doubt that Wordpress is a great piece of software. As much as people love to hate on PHP, it runs a lot of the internet. I’ve been running Wordpress personally and professionally for years. It only gets better. I was only hacked once :) Rethinking What I Need Since moving to a Low End Box, my resources have been tight. Even on a tuned system, I can’t run much more interesting things than my Nginx+PHPfpm+MySQL.

Goodbye Intel - My Favorite Commands

Working at Intel has been a great experience. I wish I could have stayed longer, but in the end we decided to part ways. During my stay I learned lots of stuff. I would like to boil my experience down to my top Linux commands. The List git: Lots of git. syscfg: Managing bios settings from within Linux. Nice. (Intel platforms) setupbios: More bios settings from within Linux. (Dell platforms) puppet: I actually enjoy manually running puppet.

Lose the Metawork and Get on with Your Life!

Every job has metawork. Sometimes it becomes so commonplace that we just forget about it. We should never forget about it. I hope this blog post reminds you of what your metawork is. For the purposes of this blog post it will focus on code-centric stuff, but could apply to anything. Different jobs have different types of metawork. Sometimes it is just paperwork. Other times it is called “overhead”. Commonly it is referred to as “Process”.