Managing DNS Automatically with Puppet

Why So you have a decent amount of things configured in Puppet. Great! Are you finding that you have to manually update your DNS entries when things change, like when new hosts or added, or additional services are created? Why? Your DNS zone files will forever be out of date, waiting for humans to update them. Just say no. Puppet already knows what the ip addresses and hostnames of your servers, why not take advantage of that existing data?

DNS Training At Sago

This past Tuesday I hosted a DNS training seminar for all the employees at Sago. It went over great! The curriculum involved: The difference between Caching and Authoritative DNS All the different types of DNS Records How to use dig and how to interpret it How to troubleshoot dns problems Secret DNS Tricks! I recorded the AUDIO (sorry the audio sucks) and the BASH history for those poor souls who want to listen to me drone on for an hour about dns….