Camping at Rocky Bayou State Park

Cody and I camped two nights at Rocky Bayou State Park! Yea she doesn’t look very happy. Yes, we are camping on concrete…. Day 2. That’s better! NEXT: Our previous vacation was a Cruise!

Couples Kayak at Anclote Key

The weekend I Kayaked to Anclote Key. Here is a picture of us unloading our Kayaks! (Not me in the picture) We Kayaked 4 hours to the north end of Anclote Key. Here the the google maps link. We camped overnight on the night of Valentines day. How romantic right? And here is Cody inside the tent looking cutsy: And if you have Google Earth, here is a link to a path I made of the trip: anclote-key-trip

Amazing Breakfasts with Cody!

Often I get to enjoy wonderful mornings with my girlfriend Cody. She is a great cook, and one of her best concoctions are these AMAZING breakfast burritos: Sorry for the bad picture, I took it with the webcam on my eeepc. I don’t apologize for her cleavage. I did that intentionally without her knowing :)

Cruise - Day 5

Today was our trip back to Tampa, so we saw a show: Crowd Control? I’m sure this family had fun. I wonder what the personality is like of whoever made the door decorations:

Cruise - Day 4

Today we visited the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum. [gallery]

Cruise - Day 3

Today Cody and I visited the beautiful Grand Cayman: Myspace shot: And for the geek in everyone, hacked someone’s WEP key and used their wireless while on the land. The ip I used was which is hosted by Cable and Wireless. Here is an MTR to it: Yea..maybe not so interesting to others. Our shore excursions to go snorkeling with sting rays got canceled because of the weather….

Cruise - Day 1,2

Cody and I took started off our cruise in Tampa on Monday, Dec 15: Beautiful! Here is look at the Bow (We were on the Carnival Inspiration): And the cool Radars!

PAP Solutions Hack

My girlfirend likes to do these puzzles called Pic-A-Pix from ConceptisPuzzles. They use a matrix of numbers to hint the puzzler to to filling in pixels to create pixel art. Sometimes there is color. Every week four new PAP’s are pushed out, and I’ve been told that the answers are somewhere on the website…. but that would be cheating. :) So I wrote my own program to decode these and make images using html tables.