Puppet versus CFEngine 2: Editing Files

Update: I wrote this article when I was young and stupid. It is obsolete. Puppet wins, just use Augeas. Both Puppet and CFEngine are formidable configuration management systems. Let’s compare the two to see how the match up on the common task of editing files. Feel free to jump straight to the conclusion if you are impatient. Why would you need this? What is the use-case here? These are some common tasks I do that involve editing files:

4 Philosophies For Building Systems To Be Proud Of

Below are a few philosophical guidelines that I use when thinking about systems. Everyone has systems that they are not proud of, even me. But I hope to someday say that I am proud of all of my systems, and I believe that these philosophies will get me there. 1. Try to endeavor to build systems with as few dependencies as possible. Sometimes systems can sprawl and get out of hand.