Decoding Balanced Payments Puzzle 1

A strange string appeared at the bottom of a Balanced Payments blog post: NmQ2ZjYzMmU3Mzc0NmU2NTZkNzk2MTcwNjQ2NTYzNm U2MTZjNjE2MjQwNjU2MzZlNjU3MjY1NjY2NjY5NjQ2MTY1N mI2MTZkNmY3NDc0NmU2MTc3Njk= One of those puzzles to attract coders I guess. The guys at Hacker News¬†spilled the beans, so lets spill them some more. First though,** Mad Props** to the Balanced team for thinking “outside” the unit-test-box. Plus Jenkins rocks. The world needs more Jenkins.¬†Bash? I’m not a developer, so my first instinct was to use the existing set of tools that people have already written to solve this puzzle:

Validating Graphite Metrics With Bash!

At my dayjob I get to work with Graphite and power meters. It is cool: To make it easy for my clients to get power information, I’ve written a command line tool called “power” that they can run to get the power usage for a server when running their program. Here is an example: power METER-NAME sleep 10s Pretty handy. The “METER-NAME” is pretty important, as it lets the script know which system’s power you are interested in.

Bash Boggle - A Boggle Solver Written in Bash!

Bash is my favorite computer language. I also love writing programs to help human problems. Inspired by this online Boggle solver, I decided to write my own solver while my friends were too busy playing the game and having fun :) If you would like to test my work, here is the code: You will need the linux “words” dictionary, which is installable on Ubuntu by running “sudo apt-get install wamerican”