A Team Fortress 2 See ‘n Say!

Hopefully Valve will offer me a job instead of suing me? :) Teardown [gallery ids=“991,992,993,994,995,996,999,1001,1002,1000,1003,997”] Parts Many See N’ Says to destroy (I burned through 3) An Arduino (yes, because I’m a lazy noob) Wave shield Some sort of ISP programmer Speaker / Switch / Hot-glue / Resistors / etc How It Works A user pulls the handle, activating the normally-open switch and powering the arduino

DIYDrone: IMU First steps

This is my first step towards building a UAV, it is a Inertial Measurement Unit.

Final Clock Post

I’ve finally moved to Colorado, and I had to leave the big clock behind, and luckily I had finished it: I finilized the code, installed the clock in my church, and programmed it for there needs. The code is stored here if someone want to see it. If you want to check it out run: git clone https://github.com/solarkennedy/clock.git I have a little more technical info on my wiki, but it basically goes like this: