Help Expose Scientology

One of my personally favorite websites is (You may have noticed the cameo in episode 1.) Founded in 2001, an uncountable number of spoofs have been made, and are stored at the sister site, There you can setup your own account and create your own YoureTheManNowDog's! I love it. Also, being in Tampa, I live close to the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater. Recently a YoureTheManNowDog has been created that exposes some of the terrible things that the church of Scientology has done.

Myspace Friend Maps

Ok, I have a seceret: I am a Myspace sellout. Everyone around me was like ooh yea, check out my myspace! Or Ooo, your myspace is sooo cool. Or, Wow, your myspace cures cancer. Well, so I made one, and added friends. I soon realized that is interesting. (Although it sucks too. Ads everywhere, people's pages are often littered with cpu sucking garbage and animated gifs and crappy css.)


My friends and I are currently constructing our own lasertag guns using this as a base. Here is our checklist: Construct electronic components using the above milestag components. Get and modify vests to hold components Melt aluminum and pour guns into molds! Rock on! Connect it all together and play! We've go the electronics together. The vests are on their way via UPS, and my friend Karl and I have the furnace ready and we can melt aluminum!