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Ahoy! Holes!

The next step in our Lasertag construction project is the preperation of the boxes for our components. We have decided to put all of the electronics in a backpack. But the backpack will need some I/O. We need a rj-45 for the gun, two for the arm-band, a usb for the key, and a hole for the power switch and power plug. How do we do it? We need square holes… Well, the best and nicest way I can think to do it is to use a little thing called a roto-zip bit. I bought 5 of them at Home Depot for a few dollars. Luckily Karl has a drill press: The Drill Press Rig The pictures mostly speak for themselves. Basically we used a cardstock template:

Using Template

Then spraypainted the negative:

Spraypaint Negative

And Routed!

Route it Out

We will have to use a flat file to make some holes perfect:

We are going to have to file

But the USB port worked great (It actually looks better in real life)!

Usb fits nice

I can’t think of a better way to do this in plastic. And the results are nice, with patience and hard work. We have done 10 boxes like this.

All thanks to this one bit: The miracle tool

Who needs a CNC machine when you have steady hands Karl? (Video)